H. Engströms Industri AB

scribing and cutting equipment for retail and industry.

With 80 years in the retail and industrial ripping and cutting equipment business, we know we’re good at what we do.

Total package wrapping solutions.

Standard and special solutions for use in store counters.
British paper holder, contributes to a dust-free environment.

Demolition and cutting equipment for all industrial needs.


Paper station - 060 PS

A do-it-yourself station where the customer wraps his package himself.

It has room for two pieces of max 60 cm paper and several gift ribbons and tape. Everything conveniently gathered in one place, lockable space for the straps.

The standard colour is Anthracite.

The upper part of the Paper Station can be purchased separately

About us

H.Engström Industri AB was founded in 1941. In 2021, we will have been working for eighty years with scribing and cutting equipment for shops and industry. In our company, quality and tradition go hand in hand with constant innovation and development. We are today Sweden’s leading manufacturer and offer a complete range of tearing and cutting equipment for packaging materials for retail and industry. We also offer racks and holders for ribbons, cords & tape.

Our family of products caters for all the parcel wrapping needs of today’s modern stores, large and small.

Previous projects

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Bookshop - Roll holder
Florist - Skärskena
Retail - Package wrapping
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